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The Gladdish residence was an interesting project that evolved by working with the owner and listening to their needs. The home was a typical red brick and vinyl structure with a detached garage and a pool that lacked a place for outdoor entertaining and escaping from the sun.

Our concept plan added a breezeway and veranda to connect the detached garage to the main house and to create an inviting entrance to the renovated pool. We added porticos at each end to flank the veranda. The portico on the south end creates a “familiar” entrance to the pool area from the driveway. The opposite portico provides a place for sitting by the pool, a view to the lake and includes a fireplace. The veranda provides a place for an outdoor kitchen and bar stools.

We chose heavy timber, stone and metal roofing as our unifying materials. We included a bubbling urn and stepping stones to bring the new structures and landscape together. The plant selections were mainly native plants that were indigenous to the area.